Wedding Stationery Fit for a Prince

THE wedding of the year in 2018 will, undisputedly, be the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

So, when I read in the news that the couple had now issued their wedding invitations and that they had shared the design with the media… well, I just had to take a peek! (Take a look for yourself here).

Wedding stationery addict

I’m not ashamed to admit that wedding invitation design is my current obsession.

I’ve been busy these past few months finalising all the designs of my own wedding stationery range.
Coleman & Co, my new wedding stationery business, has literally just launched as I write this, and to say that I’m excited would be a total understatement!

The Royal Wedding invitation

But even after months of planning and designing, now that I’ve seen the Royal wedding invitation, I’m still feeling inspired.

As you would expect, Prince Harry and Meghan have gone for a design which is formal, but still very understated and beautiful.

The invitations have been designed and printed by a British company (quite rightly).

The Telegraph reports that they were created “using American ink on English card, printed in gold and black, then burnished to bring out the shine and gilded around the edge.”

No doubt, the 600 guests who received one in the mail recently were impressed. They certainly have the wow factor!

Making an impression

As Prince Harry and Meghan clearly know, your wedding stationery says a lot about you.

The design and overall look and feel of your wedding stationery sets the tone for the wedding day.

It hints at what’s to come and is the first chance to get your guests excited and chomping at the bit to know all the details of your special day.

Naturally, the Royal wedding invite suggests that this will be an elegant, regal wedding. We know that just from looking at the invitation. Everything about it helps to paint a picture in our minds of what the wedding day will be like.

Quality and craftsmanship have clearly been a priority.

Just from looking at the materials used and the overall design, we understand that this will be a refined and formal wedding. We can safely presume that it will be exquisitely organised. Even the finest of details will have been considered and planned for.

The Royal crest, the traditional wording and the script font are all nods to tradition, but we’re also told that the wedding will be reflective of Prince Harry and Meghan’s personalities too, so I imagine it will be a cracking party!

Prince Harry has a reputation for being the rogue of the Royal family after all, so this is one wedding that I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall for, wouldn’t you?!

View the Coleman & Co wedding stationery collections

As the Royal wedding invitation demonstrates, a wedding invite says so much about the couple and the wedding.

So, what will your wedding stationery say about you?

If you’re currently planning your wedding stationery, take a look around to view Coleman & Co’s beautiful collections (link). We have launched with nine elegant designs, but since I’ve got so many more designs in my head, there will most certainly be more coming very soon!

Here at Coleman & Co we design and sell unique and luxurious wedding stationery for discerning, trend-conscious couples.

I really hope that you like what you see and would love to help you create the wedding stationery of your dreams. You can view and order online, but if you have an enquiry please contact me at

Don’t forget to also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Fran x

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